Friday, 5 June 2009

October 2009 - Hungchi 7030m

The trip is on! Flights are booked and the itinery sorted. Now all that's needed is the fitness.
More details to follow shortly.

The Rest of 2009 - so far

Lots of climbing weekends have been had since the last time the blog was updated, work's been getting in the way of the write ups!!
The winter season finished a little premature but still managed to get up the Ben a few times with Nathan, Steve Lynch, Steve Hartland and Ali on the last trip. Got Smith's, Comb, Green, etc climbed before a quick sun rock trip to Costa Blanca.
Since then there's been a couple of trips to North Wales and numerous Lakeland escapades! Nathan and I have also discovered a new tooling grotto down near the cove. This is a great tool bouldering area where 'burly' is the name of the game! Photos to follow.